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    Post  ajoyprabhu on Wed Jul 06, 2011 1:56 pm

    we ( family of 4 ) had booked for redang in Jan through the new internet based booking system, for our holiday from 3rd - 7th July. Initially we were trying for Langkawi which was perpetually booked for the whole year and the new system does not allow us to book for the next calendrical year ! Since we had been to redang in July 2010, we tried tioman which was also booked during July. Out of no choice and also the fact that we actually love redang beach resort - we then booked that. what was stated for redang was only "redang island resort" - who will imagine that this is different from berjaya beach resort at this juncture ? well, unaware of what was in store we were eagerly looking forward to our wonderful beach escapade and were initially amused when we landed at the airport wherein we first saw the name "Taraas" on the personnel's badges and even more concerned when we saw the sign board also to be the "Taraas" - but totally shocked when the lobby people told us that the management has changed it is now 'THE TARAAS BEACH AND SPA RESORT" and no longer BERJAYA REDANG BEACH RESORT - we were told that we are not booked there - but at "Redang island resort" which is actually the earlier "Berjaya redang spa resort". After some debates we were sent there at our dismay with some comforting words from the guest services manager - Mr. Hairi that " you are welcome to visit us and use our facilities if you wish". At the Redang Island Resort - We were welcomed by another 40 odd people at the lobby in the same fate as us some of whom were there for 1 day already - complaining of leaking toilets, spitting aircons...basically that resort is in ruins and under renovation right from the lobby onwards, it was like a ghost town ! ( CHECK YOUTUBE - THERE ARE SOME VIDEOS ON THIS ) The straight truth is - it is not ready to receive guests ! When we requested that we be sent back to the beach resort - we were told that we shall not be allowed to enter the beach resort for the fear that we shall create a ruckus in front of their other elite non-BVC guests ! Only after we promised to pay for our rooms ( RM 830++ !!!! ), we got in again and start debating as a bigger group. ( In between there were many other episodes such as Mr. Ilhzam, the manager at Redang Island telling us lies that his bus has broken down and he cannot send us if beach resort does not want to pick us - when actually it was in working condition - he agreed only after we all lost our cool and started yelling at him to which he got scared ). The GM of Beach resort, Ms. Karen, met us and explained that Taraas is no more part of berjaya and we should have all been sensible to check this matter on the internet ( once we received our booking confirmation - who will again keep checking on internet whether all is okay until the last day ? ). She even threatened to call the police to shove us away if we insisted on staying and not paying the room rates as agreed before - which we readily invited her to do so if she dares as this was a total case of cheating. Nothing happened on that. We tried to video shoot the debate, she warned us that it is not authorized and illegal. We noticed that - Except for the Main signboard - everything else is of BERJAYA identity in this resort and they were trying to claim that it is different. When we tried to video shoot the berjaya catalogues kept on the lobby as their group promotion & clarified with the staff whether it is berjaya or not berjaya group, we were warned again that we are carrying out illegal video shooting at the private premises and we are tress-passers, not respecting human beings etc - it was total humiliation to us ! Infact even today berjaya hotels lists this resort in their lineage, accepts booking etc. and they were claiming its all different from 1st July'11 onwards. We kept getting harder and persisting - Finally she saw better sense to allow our big group to stay. None of us were informed by Berjaya on the situation. Basically how are they cooly juggling ownership under the same owner just to deprive poor US - who have invested in BVC several years back to help them build their resorts, of our justified rights to these resorts which still belong to Vincent tan and family. One can;t pride in being a philanthropist by having duped millions from gullible family oriented tourists like us all. It was a inhumane treatment meted out to us - a group consisting of several small children, elderly people etc - an ordeal that lasted from 11 am to 4 pm !!! ( besides the 2 hrs delay at subang from BERJAYA AIR ) I am unable to stomach this humiliation after having paid RM 30K++ 7 years back to this group of cheaters. We all must do something serious about this. I feel this occassion that we all suffered at Redang has a legal issue against BVC and BERJAYA. In general this BVC membership scheme was designed with a view to cheat by promising heaven when we bought, binding us to an agreement which was explained off as a std eventhough nothing will change and berjaya being so big will only be adding more destinations. Now, they are just juggling ownership within the same corporate group and depriving BVC members of their destinations and privileges. WE MUST FIGHT BACK in every way - LEGALLY, POLITICALLY, THROUGH MEDIA, PRESS, INTERNET etc. WE cannot let these blatant cheaters go scot free. Mr. Sien, being the lead force for this forum, please do your best to gather all in KL - it may a cost some money and time from all, I am willing to contribute and I believe all would be as well as we have any way spent so much money and we need to spend a little more to get our dues. Best would be to ask them to refund or reinstate our privileges and resorts back, revise their agreement. Rgds, Ajoy ( 0124270053 )
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    Post  tzihaur on Mon Jul 11, 2011 6:38 pm

    Hi All,

    We were one of the unfortunate groups of people that Ajoy mentioned. The chronology of events are spot on. I posted a write up of my experience as well at the following link:

    It was a horrible experience for our family as well.

    We need more members to voice up their dissatisfaction and bring this up to BVC.

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