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    BVC AGM - 24/9/11 (Sat), 10am @ Kelab Darul Ehsan‏

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    BVC AGM - 24/9/11 (Sat), 10am @ Kelab Darul Ehsan‏ Empty BVC AGM - 24/9/11 (Sat), 10am @ Kelab Darul Ehsan‏

    Post  annchoo on Fri Sep 09, 2011 1:14 am

    Dear BVC friends,

    I’m truly and sincerely in appreciation of members and ex-LC members who have taken up so much of their personal time to participate, raise awareness, write, discuss, suggest, propose, argue, brain-storm, criticise etc etc on our many issues at hand which are unsatisfactory membership benefits, unfair treatment by BVC, “unethical” attitude of BVC and arrogance of the Trustees etc etc.

    Personally I feel that the AMF increase of >5% issue has been resolved by way of the Trustees giving us the undertaking letter which states that they will seek LC’s consent before approving any future increase of >5%. For the record, I’m not being forgiving but rather I’m just trying to be rational about it and move forward.

    In addition, I’m very thankful that Mr. Sien who has also made the Trustees’ life even easier by proposing that they incorporate a further process of letting the members decide at the next AGM should the LC can’t agree to such increase. Thank you Mr. Sien!

    Recently, a few of us met up to discuss the issues that we should bring up at the coming AGM on 24th Sept 2011, 10am at Kelab Darul Ehsan, Taman TAR.

    Personally I feel that we should do this constructively and not “argue” or “scold” or “make noise” at the AGM for the sake of doing it. Lest we forget, our common target is BVC or Trustees, not each other. As Mr. Chan Yat Hee has said before, we should aim for win-win solutions and settlement. After all, we are all adults and professionals in our own one has ever pointed a gun to our heads to buy a BVC membership.

    I humbly summarized the issues below for our careful consideration, thoughts, deliberation, argument, critique and the like: -

    ‏1) What are our membership benefits to date? We ask BVC to update

    2) Surcharge of affiliate resorts belonging to Berjaya Group e.g. London, Sri Lanka, Spore, Seychelles, Colmar Bukit Tinggi, Times Sq – We can try to ask them to waive or reduce surcharges

    3) AMF future increase – personally I would ask BVC to defer for another 2-3 years in view of the loss of resorts, increase in surcharge and the current unhappiness among members

    4) Langkawi – increase the inventory from the present 10 rooms to 20-30 rooms since it’s a very popular destination

    5) Any replacement for the resorts which were sold? e.g. Kota Kinabalu, Mauritius, Fiji, Spore etc

    6) Redang Beach Resort, members are no longer allowed to book and also not allowed access into the Resort or its beach – any replacement of beach access? We can now only book Redang Island Resort which has no beach.

    7) KL Plaza, non-staying members are no longer allowed to use the club facilities like pool and gym – any replacement?

    Cool KL Plaza, staying members do not enjoy privilege or flat parking rate anymore since the building has been sold to Fahrenheit 88 – any replacement for this facility?

    9) We need to know how the BVC utilize the maintenance fees collected for members’ benefits

    10) We need to know how’s their scheduled refurbishment of the home resorts e.g. Georgetown, Meranti Park, Camerons, Paradise Lagoon, KL Plaza, Langkawi, Tioman, Redang etc.

    Further to the discussion among the 6 of us, we unanimously support Mr. Sien’s proposal that every member should try to participate at the AGM to show our 1 voice and to drill into BVC that we mean business and the seriousness of these issues. In other words, our strategy is – even if 1 member has already stood up to voice out 1 issue, another member can still stand up to voice again on the same issue by adding some points or to discuss it in his/her own way. This will show to BVC or Trustees that we are united and focussed.

    Meanwhile, pls help to forward this message to all your contacts or friends who are BVC members. We need high attendance at the AGM so that the members' voices are heard by BVC.

    P/S. Pls ensure that members update their maintenance fees coz BVC has the right to refuse our voting right.

    Thank you & see u at the AGM.

    Ann Choo
    LC Secretary 2009/2010

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