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    Interesting Water Puppet Show Hanoi Vietnam

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    Interesting Water Puppet Show Hanoi Vietnam Empty Interesting Water Puppet Show Hanoi Vietnam

    Post  travelvietss on Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:12 pm

    Interesting Water Puppet Show Hanoi Vietnam

    When to Vietnam Travel .You don’t miss visit the Old Quarter of Hanoi, Vietnam, is every tourist’s destination. The narrow streets offer a slight refuge from the throbbing traffic of the city’s main thoroughfares but the main attractions are the craft shops that line the sides of every lane.More interest watch a puppetry theatre of Vietnam

    Uppetry is common throughout the world, but on water is unique. The art of water puppetry appeared in the Ly dynasty (1010-1225). Vestiges of evidence have been found in several places such as the pavilion on water by the Long Tri lake in the Thay Pagoda, Ha Tay province.

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    Water puppetry was developed in lake and pond-rich areas in the Red River Delta. The surface of water serves as the stage while spectators sit at the edge of water. The puppeteers both male and female stand waist-deep in the water to manipulate the puppets making them move about and even dance on the surface of the water. The water serves not only to hide the puppeteers and strings of the puppets but also to create a trembling stage full of reflection, while providing natural amplification for singing puppeteers accompanied by percussion music and fire crackers.

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    In the old days, puppeteers grouped together into guilds. Nowadays, they are brought together in the National Water Puppetry Theatre and various provincial and even private troupes. Every puppet is a piece of real folk sculpture. It is made of wood, painted with water-proof lacquer. The prominent character is buffoon Teu with a plump body and a humorous smile. When the curtain is raised, the merry, arch Teu enters onto the stage and introduces the play. A considerable repertoire of traditional water puppet plays still get a big hand from the audience. They include the Teu Dance,

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