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    Kim Boi Spring – Attraction in Hoa Binh

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    Kim Boi Spring – Attraction in Hoa Binh Empty Kim Boi Spring – Attraction in Hoa Binh

    Post  travelvietss on Fri Apr 22, 2011 4:30 pm

    Kim Boi Spring – Attraction in Hoa Binh

    The near Mai Chau, Hoa Binh is Kim Boi hot spring .For those who want to take a day off after long tiring journeys, Kim Boi Hot spring is the right place. With a 30km drive from Hoa Binh town, tourists can easily access Ha Bi commune, Kim Boi district. The district covers an area of 682 km2 and lies in the hot spring of a mineral stream.

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    Clear water continually spouts from the fountains, normally between 340C and 360C. According to some scientific tests, Kim Boi water resources can reach the required standard for quality; therefore, it proves to be suitable for drinking and bathing. In fact, the Kim Boi mineral water is bottled for refreshment. It has almost the same composition as certain famous foreign brands of mineral water in the world. In addition, it is believed that heated water can hold more dissolved solids and have a high mineral content including calcium or lithium or radium. As a result, this water is considerable as a highly effective therapy for rheumatism, intestinal diseases, stomachache, high blood pressure etc. This can even be a good location for rehabilitation clinics for those with disabilities.

    As for North Vietnam Tours , depending on their budget they can choose to stay at any hotels in the resort area. Wherever they are, the same point is that they can hear the sound of water spouting out, which is very relaxing. Being immersed in a large mineral water deposit of Kim Boi stream is also not unmemorable for every visitor. Certainly, no one will refuse to spend time in such a spot!
    Source: Vietnam trip .
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    Kim Boi Spring – Attraction in Hoa Binh Empty Re: Kim Boi Spring – Attraction in Hoa Binh

    Post  KenPeterson on Mon Jul 18, 2011 7:11 pm

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