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    Discovering Champa CultureMuseum of Champa ,Danang

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    Discovering Champa CultureMuseum of Champa ,Danang Empty Discovering Champa CultureMuseum of Champa ,Danang

    Post  travelvietss on Fri Apr 29, 2011 5:06 pm

    Discovering Champa CultureMuseum of Champa ,Danang

    After decades, the past influence of the Cham Pa dynasty on Vietnam central regions is still prominent. Vietnam Tour , from Da nang , Quang Nam to KhanhHoa, etc. we can very often encounter the famous historical sites of Cham Pa. However, the Cham Pa Museum in Da nang city makes it a lot easier for us to learn about this mysterious yet interesting ancient culture without having to visit several locations thorough the regions.
    Discovering Champa CultureMuseum of Champa ,Danang My-son2

    Situated at the intersection of Trung Nu Vuong Street and Bach Dang Street in Da Nang, the heart of the ancient Cham Pa Kingdom, the museum houses the last collection of Cham Pa arts in the world. It was erected in 1915 under the support of the French’s Oriental Research Institution in Vietnam.In 1936, the museum was expanded before being officially opened to the public in 1939.Cham Pa Museum was constructed in the ancient Cham Pa architecture style with many blocks of white building decorated with simple and elegant patterns.

    Nowadays, the museum exhibits a number of approximately 300 original sculptures. They are mostly made of sandstone, but some are also made of terra-cotta. All these pieces of arts were founded in the Cham Pa temples and towers thorough . Central Vietnam , from QuangBinh Province to BinhThuan Province. At the museum, inside different exhibition rooms, the sculptures are arranged according to their era and location.

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    Discovering Champa CultureMuseum of Champa ,Danang Empty Discovering Champa Culture Museum of Champa ,Danang

    Post  KenPeterson on Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:09 pm

    Champa Culture Museum is one of the most interesting destinations in Danang city,nice post .....

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