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    Tam Dao National Park Attraction in Vinh Phuc


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    Tam Dao National Park Attraction in Vinh Phuc

    Post  travelvietss on Mon May 09, 2011 4:26 pm

    Tam Dao National Park Attraction in Vinh Phuc

    According to many locals, Tam Dao is a miniature of Sapa tours. However, except for the cool climate and the mountain-based location, the two sites are intrinsically different.
    Tam Dao means Three Islands, a mountain range located about 75km North of Hanoi ( North Vietnam Tours ) . The significant shorter distance from Hanoi to Tam Dao compared with Sa Pa gives the national park many advantages. One can easily combine the visit to the mountain retreat area with a road trip from Hanoi. The cool climate and extensive green is another advantage, especially in the summer when Hanoi always seems overheated. Unlike tropical parks in Vietnam such as Cuc Phuong Park or Cat Tien , Tam Daorepresents a different type of fauna and flora that adapts to its cooler and drier air.

    Tam Dao is more for a relaxing retreat than an intense adventure. Accommodation facility is readily available, as well as restaurants and easy walks. The road that leads from lowland to highland is breath-taking: those that are into physical activities can never afford to miss a biking tour.
    Tam Dao specialties are numerous and one should not leave the mountain resort without trying lon man- a special kind of pork and su su- delicious in both its fruits and its leafy vegetables. In winter time, be prepared with warmer clothes since it can get quite cold. During the summer, it is pleasantly sunny but avoid sun burn by applying plenty of sun block before hitting road.

    Direction: If you drive from Hanoi, follow the highway that leads to Noi Bai airport. As you pass the toll just before the airport, turn left to highway 2. As you reach Vinh Yen, turn right to Highway 2B and follow the street sign that points to Tam Dao.

    Public transportation is also available from Hanoi by contacting one of the following agents. They are all run by the same bus company that departs from Hanoi at 5.30 in the morning and leaves Tam Dao at 4 p.m. Return ticket costs 160,000 per person (about $Cool.

    Source:Vietnam Tour

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    Tam Dao National Park Attraction in Vinh Phuc

    Post  KenPeterson on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:21 pm

    hi, nice & informative post,
    Located on the Tam Dao mountain range, the park covers an area of 36,883 ha. Tam Dao is in a vast high mountainous region affected by tropical humid monsoons. The average temperature during the year is 22.9°C. The mean humidity is about 84%. The vegetation cover is representative of five types of tropical forest. The flora consists of 904 species classified into 478 genera and 213 families of high plants, 64 of which are listed in Viet Nam's Red Book. The rich fauna includes 307 species, 56 of which are registered in Viet Nam's Red Book (22 mammal species, 17 reptile species, 9 bird species, 7 amphibian species and the remainder of insects). It is unforgettable address during your journey to Tam Dao Tourist Resort.

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