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    BVC extremely need changes

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    BVC extremely need changes Empty BVC extremely need changes

    Post  sgloo77 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 3:10 pm

    Dear BVC Liaison Committees & Members,

    Nowadays BVC is no longer favourable to the members. Their market reach quite end limit due to their poorer & poorer services and maintenance of resorts by BVC. This news is spreading to the people of Malaysia by 18,000++ members, thanks to BVC what they have DONE to us.

    We, members should be treated and given the priority privileges rather than SQUIZZ us. BVC should remember who is paying for their salaries!!! We folk out so much money to become BVC top stakeholder and the most supportive (like it or hate it, can’t change anymore) to BVC that we done the agreement to stay with them over the 33 or 38 years and every years is being lock or stick to visit & stay at their resort but the priority is not to us compare outsider. No advantages at all for members. The booking methods always changed. It'll be ok if every changes is favourable to the member but not. Member needs to make the reservation 14 days before the stay. BVC should allow some last minute booking because member has paid the maintenance by yearly and BVC is paid to do the best services without excuses. Outsider is more fleely and convenience to make reservation, they have a lot choices of variety hotel / resort to choose and even in last minute booking without hassle. Direct or shorter time of reply for availability of the booking (not like BVC affiliate, 7 working days to reply). Somemore, the services or the processing of the reservation is more better and convenience than us as member (free of charge for enquiry and no need to face....long waiting reply, phone waiting or engage too long, difficult to call, book in REALLY advance, 100% forfeited if no show, etc). The most worse is outsider paid is just a bit higher than BVC members for home resorts, sometimes outsider is getting cheaper than us from the promotion package by Berjaya Hotels in travel fair. This is not yet counted for affiliates, is been told by Mr. Sien after the calculation everything include the surcharge… we, members are even paying more than outsider.

    Besides that, BVC looks like a waste collector company for Berjaya Hotel. Any depleted or unpopular resorts will dumped to BVC.
    Example 1, Berjaya Penang…114 units!!! The nearest coming peak days still available ard 50 to 70 units. No need to do early booking by 1 or 2 mths ahead. Compare to Berjaya Langkawi…ONLY 10 UNITS, this resort is fully occupied over till 6 months. It’s really difficulty to make the reservation and you just only can do is to lock the booking by early or more than 6 months ahead. If the booking is on peak day, then the whole period before the vacation you are unable to make another booking on peak day. So you need to take leave to utilize your balance entitlement rooms to avoid being forfeited or other ways…booking the affiliate resorts. And another for Berjaya Redang Island Resort is the one at some ‘hulu-hulu’ area (not Berjaya Redang Beach Resort which at the seaside).
    Example 2, poor maintenance of home resorts. Each year member had been force to pay for the maintenance fees but nothing is upgraded. And some of the appartment is withdrawn with the hotel facilities, ie Equatorial Hill Resort, Cameron Highland and KL Plaza Club.
    Example 3, home resort no increase but some depleted, ie Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, Berjaya Sabah and the overseas resorts (Mauritius is out of the list and the other overseas resorts become affiliates).

    Third, the withdrawn of meals voucher that previously offer. It is not cheaper or value with the resorts offering, even after the discount given on the spot. Why withdrawn ? The voucher is not cheaper than the holiday packages offering by Berjaya Hotel itself, member should be given priority instead of outsider.

    My Suggestion

    1) Special rooms (home resort) designated for member. This is doing by other timeshare vacation club as they special allocate their member to a previlege floor rooms just for their member only, the rooms is upgrade and better than the normal superior room. Some apartments are too clumsy and the odd smelly furnisher, ie KL Plaza, Corus Port Dickson, Meranti Park Bukit Tinggi. Reimburse the hotel facilities to those apartment / resort without or been withdrawn of the facilities.

    Suggestion: Booking less than 14 days, thru call, fax or e-mail. Surcharge RM5 or RM10 per booking if success.

    2) Need to add home resort (to freshen up the member who need to stick with BVC for 33 / 38 years). Ie. Berjaya Times Square, Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Singapore. Some resorts is over own, ie Berjaya Penang. Such resorts like all season fully occupied, ie Berjaya Langkawi should do increase / add unit for the member.
    3) Reinstate meals voucher purchase. BVC should appreciate the supportive of the member. BVC should always find a better benefit to their member instead always try to take / withdrawn from member's benefit.

    4) Add an option to member by implement an additional services that provide a service to give member third option to use the entitlement by given the member do request some hotel / resort out of the list of home and affiliate. BVC act as an agent to deal with the requested hotel and try to negotiate the best offering rate (flactuated or spot rate). BVC should allocate a sum of fund that is the entitlement deduction (this fund amount is standard fixed to any request hotel) to set off with the requested hotel rate, ie offering requested rate RM200 (-) minus entitlement RM90, total surcharge to member is RM110.

    So this is the way of what I think about and suggest to BVC. We as the member of BVC is try to get the best services and benefit that is worth for us to become the member not dumped ‘sweat’ money to suffer.

    Hope to get your feedback and opinion of what you think about my statement and maybe to correct my thinking about BVC.

    Hear you soon.
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    BVC extremely need changes Empty Re: BVC extremely need changes

    Post  KK on Fri Oct 08, 2010 8:04 pm

    Well.... I agree with you....excellent suggestions. I take it that you are a BVC member also.

    BUT.... one big problem is : why would BVC do all this ? What is the advantage to them at all to spend money to satisfy BVC members ?

    They don't need to attract any new members... they have enough members already hooked up for 33 or 38 years.

    Don't take me wrong... I am also very unsatisfied with BVC but realistically.. we can all have many good suggestions but it is just naive to think that BVC would entertain us..poor members. We already agreed to pay the maintenance fee for the coming 30 years or so. That was my BIG mistake... There is no negotiation power at all no matter what suggestions you come up with.

    In essence, BVC can even choose to withdraw even more benefits if they feel like it. Nothing we can do about it. I know... it is really sad !

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