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    Berjaya Vacation Club Membership for SALE

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    Berjaya Vacation Club Membership for SALE Empty Berjaya Vacation Club Membership for SALE

    Post  Petro Equip Asia Pacific on Wed Feb 11, 2015 10:21 am

    RM 25,000.00 (05/12/2043)

    - Berjaya Vacation Club Membership with RCI
    - Membership of 1 room accomodation, providing occupancy up to a maximum of 3 persons, including children (depending on hotels & resorts)
    - 7 nights a year for the next 28 years (05/12/2043)
    - Accrue any unused entitlement of this year to the following year
    - Advance up to a maximum of 7 nights entitlement from the following year to have an extended vacation within this same year
    - Accrue and advance at the same time to have a maximum 21 nights of vacations within the same year
    - Enjoy shorter stays of, i.e. 2 nights, to experience more resort destinations within the same year
    - Assign your entitlement to any guest of your choice
    - Transfer your membership to any person of your choice
    - RCI Vacation exchanges
    - Full payback of the original membership purchased fee at RM 22,000.00 at the end of 28 years.
    - Buyer bear the transfer fee at 10% of selling price.

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