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    Poor Reservation Service

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    Poor Reservation Service Empty Poor Reservation Service

    Post  ngsuaneng on Mon Aug 24, 2009 3:06 pm

    The reservation service handled by BVC frontline staff really needs improvement. We all have experienced late or no replies when we make any enquiry or make reservation through email. Recently, I was successful in getting two rooms at Berjaya Gerogetown Hotel for a night on 12 August 09. That was well and good, and I was pleased. But I received the confirmation slip, dated 24 July, only on 17 August, long past my check in date. Before that, I was frantically trying to get them to send it to me by email. I spoke to a lady on telephone who said it would be emailed on the same day, but it was not. I had to send three emails before I could get the copy through email. Very often, we received email confirmation, but the confirmation slip which is required upon check in, is not followed up in due course.
    Another example of tardy or no response was when I wrote in by email to check my entitlement for 2008. I had used up 4 nights for Berjaya Tioman, and one night for Berjaya Georgetown, but the confirmation slip, which reached me late, stated that I only have one night of entitlement left for 2008. I wrote an email to enquire. It has been more than 5 working days, still no reply.Can BVC Management look into this issue please?
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    Poor Reservation Service Empty Re: Poor Reservation Service

    Post  chaiwh on Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:17 pm

    dear ngsuaneng,

    I'm sympathy with you experience.
    But wait until you read mine.

    I always keep track my entitlement. Everything was fine and in order since year 2004.
    Until the booking i made on may 09. I found berjaya have wrongly deduct my balance. So i start sending email to check with them as being told by the receptionst this is the only way to resolve the matter.

    Then where my nightmare begin with this Member Services Executive - Amin. Mad

    He never listen to you explaination about the historical record, previous statement but only insist himself base on the computer record.
    I believe i will heart attack even is 1 more second i continue talking with him; such a rude and stubborn staff.

    Without hesitate, i bring all my previous statement, entitlement, confirmation slip, all the 'black and white' i can found to the nearest berjaya office.

    I show all the document to the branch manager, and finally i get back all my entitlement.
    But thing is not ending here. Evil or Very Mad

    I make a booking after this incident, on July 09.
    Everything was in order. cheers

    Until this month, i make a booking.
    My entitlement is wrong again. Sad
    Berjaya over deduct 3 days from my entitlement.
    As usual, i need to send email.
    Guess what? confused
    Is this guy Amin again who reply me. affraid
    OMG. Am i have to suffer this everything time i do a booking? Question

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